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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. My bio is currently being rewritten. Not in the sense of “oh, I need to write something on this page.” More along the lines of “My life is going through a re-invention.”

Here are the immutable parts: I was born in Colombia and spent my childhood there. Moved to the USA when I was 11 and became a multicultural hybrid.

I also enjoy staying active. Whether it’d be through triathlons, playing soccer, skiing, yoga, or dancing I find joy in movement. I’m also one of those people you can talk for hours about topics as diverse as soccer, best anime shows in the last 10 years, and the history of Reggaeton.1

I’ve been writing for over a couple of years. It started with The Compass, the book I wish I had when I was 21. Many of my essays can be found in my website, and now you’ve arrived at my newsletter where I will be publishing the bulk of my writing.

Professionally, I’m currently on sabbatical from spending 7 years in Tech Sales. My writing will reflect my creative pursuits, challenges, and epiphanies.

Pictorial version of how reading my newsletter will make you feel (hopefully).


Is this a copy/paste from my dating profile? Perhaps.

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Tangent is a small Internet detour meant to bring insight, joy, and help you find the beauty/interesting in the mundane. It's a place where I explore the world and take you along for the ride.


I write. Currently finding the interesting in the mundane, subscribing to my friends' newsletters, and expanding my zone of serendipity.