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Let me know when you find a cure for epiphany #2! I'd love to hear that. Also #3 is so true, and easy to forget for introverts like me, thanks for the reminder.

Also loved the "being a tourist in your own city", there should be a constant reminder about that so you make the most out of it as if time were finite like in other trips.

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So cool to see you connect with Cole. The sincerity of “great stuff man” made me smile.

Great stuff, Camilo! I’m loving your cookie dough ideas 🍪

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“We are ourselves singularly AND in the context of others” no, I have not thought of this either! And it makes me feel less self conscious about being sensitive to others perceptions.

I’m inspired by your thoughts on beauty. I wonder if it sort of originated with attraction? And trying to compare other things, like flowers or sunsets, to that attraction/love? Is there a comfort in that attraction/love that we try to recreate in other things like places, art or clothing?

Loving all your photos! My best friend lives in Seattle, I’ll let you know when I’m back in town :)

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I have so much to say in this comment and I probably won't be able to capture it all, but here's my best shot.

First of all, congratulations on your last therapy session. I wonder each week what the "end" looks like, not because I want to rush it to completion but because the thought is evocative, exciting, and mysterious. There is no clear "end", and I haven't put my finger on what qualifies it quite yet.

Second, I have never thought of reframing the pursuit of external validation as a strength. I am interested to hear what comes of this for you. I wonder too how that plays into your third point about being a singular person and also a part of a collective. Who would we be without the feedback of others? Probably more simple, less expansive beings in a much less developed, much less loving world. Feedback is not always verbal, feedback comes in the form of body language and future behavior. The more I think about this, knowing what kind of feedback you need and communicating it, IS a strength. In the individualistic culture of the US, seeking external validation, praise, feedback, etc feels shameful because we are taught to do everything on our own or within small family units. There is much more to this that I would love to discuss. Perhaps we can bake this cookie dough thought together.

Third and finally, this quote "When hunting and gathering was all the rage." had me laughing hard. I wonder too the question you pose about whether beauty is primal or evolved. Then when I cant come to a conclusion I often ask why it matters and what would change if the answer swayed in either direction. Do you have any thoughts on this? I sort of like the idea of beauty being an outcome of evolution. In that world, beauty played a significant role in survival otherwise somewhere along the way it would have become ill-important. But then I think from a reproductive standpoint, that maybe beauty comes from primal desires. Or maybe the answer is just both haha, nonetheless, I love the question.

Wonderful job and keep sharing your half baked goodies

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Beautiful shots, Camilo! Channeling external validation to something that works for us is an important point. I also tried to deny it but it is inevitable that we need it. Previously, I was seeking validation based on templates others had valued. Now I try to do my thing and get recognition from like-minded people. I look at it as belonging to a tribe more than the reward/performance relationship we typically get from work.

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Your epiphanies from your time doing therapy made me think about mine, which was a great exercise. Thanks for sharing, Camilo

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This jumped out and grabbed me by the lapels. "My behavior doesn’t guarantee any outcome." I didn't even realize that I have this expectation baked into my worldview until you called it out here. And I suffer because of it. Just having a light thrown on this unconscious dynamic is hugely helpful. Very grateful you've shared it. Actions. Expectations. Two separate things.

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