This was such a wonderful read! The voiceover with the National Geography narrator was such a cool touch. I really resonated with what you wrote having been to all inclusive resorts and once for a wedding. It’s the sort of thing I feel satisfied to never do again but will likely end up there for some reason. Cathedral of Convenience is such a good term for it. It makes me think about how when we try to satisfy everybody, we end up with mediocre. Great piece!

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Really enjoyed this, Camilo. But, knowing you, my question is: what were your mom and you doing there? It feels like it's definitely not the place for you! And this: "I fear that in a pursuit of convenience we develop an allergy to struggles, mishaps, and unexpected occurrences that tend to turn trips into memories." is so very true. This is a funny yet thought-provoking piece, a case study in anthropology (and maybe sociology too), as you rightly said. I'd go there just to observe humanity and write a scientific paper out of it lol

Loved the poem and the photos!

And now I know what Rumspringa means! :)

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Jun 21, 2023Liked by Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

What a joy to read this! You had me laughing all the way and the narrating bits are hilarious.

It's also soo on-point. It brought back memories of how much I despise fancy clubs, Las Vegas (which I always vowed to only ever go if I got paid to go, and funnily, it happened) and places like that where debauchery, and as you so accurately point out, convenience, is encouraged.

Next time you go to that area let me know and I'll recommend a few places that fit your idea of a good holiday (which I subscribe to).

Also, great poem!

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Jun 20, 2023Liked by Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

This was as educational as it was entertaining! A lovely read.

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Jun 17, 2023Liked by Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

Here in Europe it’s the same. People go to the canary islands or Majorca stay in All inclusive resorts and don’t see the natural or cultural beauty around them just 30-40 km away 😱

But we talk about a fundamental divide of exposure and learning. Basically they don’t and can’t know better and this has deeper roots than just preferences (education acess, travel abroad, language learning, etc.)

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Thank you for expressing – in a fun and interesting way – my confusion about all-inclusives and their ilk. Put me on a mountain that I don't quite know how to get off, and that's where I feel renewed. Really enjoyed this read!

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Brilliant essay, Camilo! It had so many moments of resonance.

Your shiny dime sings—cathedral of convenience, indeed because we worship at the altar of easy. An empire like Amazon would not exist without this premise.

“I fear that in a pursuit of convenience we develop an allergy to struggles, mishaps, and unexpected occurrences that tend to turn trips into memories.” In many ways yes, we can limit our own capacities for resilience by optimizing ourselves out of friction. Friction can at times serve as a reminder to say— “hey look at this, figure out how to do this. It will be important for you.” And not just for the memory, but for the opportunity to build our best self.

Another, “ We treat all-inclusive resorts as a Rumspringa³ of sorts because we feel unable to create moments of indulgences in our routine, lest we let our careers suffer.”

Yes to this! We fill our lives with so much busyness that we make fundamental and important things easy, and overindulge because we don’t have regular moments of unwinding and disconnection. The language you wrap up these insights in is so precise. While reading I agreed aloud!

And that poem--my God, I felt it bone deep. The excerpt was enticing enough to read it in full.

I’m glad you enjoyed the tuna steak and dancing with your beautiful mother. Best wishes for safe travels if you’re still traveling, and restorative rest if you’re back.

Thank you for sharing!

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